Dolomites YELLOW Gin

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Discover YELLOW Gin by Zu Plun, a modern Gin capturing the essence of Lake Garda.

Crafted with Dolomite herbs, lemon notes, and a hint of cypress, it offers a fresh taste.

Perfect for classic cocktails, embrace the spirit of summer.


Dolomites YELLOW Gin

By Zu Plun

Sold exclusively in Luxembourg by Gin(e)pro!

YELLOW Gin produced by Zu Plun, is an embodiment of Lake Garda’s sunny spirit.

This modern Gin artfully combines Dolomite herbs for a fresh and dynamic flavor profile.

Lemon notes from ‘Limonaia La Garbera’ and a touch of cypress cones create a harmonious blend, alongside the classic juniper taste.

Immerse yourself in a unique taste experience, evoking the essence of Garda Lake.

Crafted with a base of 15 handpicked herbs, including local Lake Garda lemons, YELLOW Gin undergoes a meticulous double-distillation process in a copper still. Its crystal-clear appearance and remarkable lemon-like aroma make it a refreshing choice for classic cocktails like Gin & Tonic or Gin Fizz.

Embrace the modernity and freshness of YELLOW Gin, capturing the spirit of summer.”

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42% Vol.


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