Green Pistachio from Bronte PDO – Sicily

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Green Pistachio from Bronte PDO: Sicilian Excellence by Cavalier Giuffrida Distillery.

Unleash its exceptional flavor, perfect for desserts and cocktails.

Elevate your culinary adventures.

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Green Pistachio from Bronte PDO – Sicily

By Cavalier Giuffrida

Sold exclusively in Luxembourg by Gin(e)pro !

Experience the world’s most renowned Pistachio, celebrated for its exceptional texture, vivid color, and rich flavor, now transformed into a luscious liqueur cream.

Through meticulous roasting, we unlock the natural aromas and flavors hidden within this Sicilian treasure, creating a sensory masterpiece.

Delight in the enticing scents of toasting and almonds, tantalizing your senses from the very first whiff.

Savor the robust, yet sweet and velvety essence that characterizes this exceptional liqueur cream.

With moderate alcohol content, it gracefully complements the conclusion of a meal. Pair it with a dry dessert, drizzle it over ice cream, or use it as a whimsical ingredient to craft delectable cocktails.

Elevate your culinary experiences with the Green Pistachio from Bronte PDO, a taste of Sicilian luxury that will leave a lasting impression.

Recommended glass: Tumbler

Weight 1.4 kg

50 cl


17% Vol.


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