Italian Blended Whisky by Zamperoni

25 inc.Vat

Discover by Gin(e)pro our Exclusive Blended Whisky.

A harmonious fusion of high-quality single malt and cereal whiskies, aged to perfection for over 36 months.

Delight in its delicate scent, sweet taste, and captivating finish.

Experience the art of blending in every sip.


Italian Blended Whisky

by Zamperoni

Sold exclusively in Luxembourg by Gin(e)pro

Introducing our Exclusive Blended Whisky – A Masterpiece of Artful Blending.

We’ve skillfully combined a selection of high-quality single malt and cereal whiskies, resulting in an exceptional creation.

Aged in oak barrels for over 36 months, this whisky has reached its peak of maturity.

Its delicate scent carries hints of pepper and a subtle citrus finish.

Upon sipping, you’ll be greeted with a remarkably sweet taste, enriched with notes of leather and vanilla.

The aftertaste is a harmonious blend of peat and wood, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and quality.

You can serve at a temperature of 18/20 degrees.

Weight 1.4 kg

70 cl


40% Vol.


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