Limoncello of Sicily by Cavalier Giuffrida

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Limoncello of Sicily

Experience the sweet and refreshing taste of Sicilian Limoncello, meticulously crafted from the finest Sicilian lemons.

With its unmistakable citrus aroma and intense flavor, this moderately alcoholic liqueur is perfect for post-meal moments or paired with a variety of desserts.

Discover the essence of Sicily in every sip.


Limoncello of Sicily

From maceration in ethyl alcohol of choice lemon peels

Sold exclusively in Luxembourg by Gin(e)pro

Indulge in the essence of Sicily with our exquisite Limoncello.

Crafted from the finest Sicilian lemons, meticulously macerated in ethyl alcohol, this liqueur embodies a sweet and refreshing flavor profile, expertly blended with simple yet precious ingredients.

Rooted in the ancient recipes preserved by the esteemed distillery Cavalier Giuffrida for centuries, our Limoncello boasts unmistakable aromas and flavors.

Moderately alcoholic, it gently accompanies post-meal moments, offering its digestive properties.

Additionally, it pairs perfectly with a variety of desserts, whether a dry pastry, spoonfuls of sweetness, or alongside gelato.

Color and Appearance: Intense Yellow

Nose: Fresh, Citrusy Aroma

Palate: Sweet, Intense, Citrusy Flavor

Experience the taste of Sicily in every sip.

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