MARIUS Sicilian Amaro

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Explore Etna’s Wild Flora at Gin(e)pro, with Amaro MARIUS.

Discover our harmonious blend of endemic plants and raw materials, a true celebration of tradition and flavor.

Ideal for savoring fresh, after dinner, or during relaxing moments as an excellent digestive.

MARIUS Sicilian Amaro

By Cavalier Giuffrida

Sold exclusively in Luxembourg by Gin(e)pro!

Discover a Precious Fusion of Etna’s Wild Flora at Gin(e)pro!

Amaro MARIUS is distilled by Cavalier Giuffrida.

Immerse yourself in the captivating scents of Etna’s untamed flora with our carefully crafted blend of endemic plants and raw materials.

These natural treasures are meticulously harvested to infuse conviviality and relaxation into every moment at your table.

A harmonious symphony of herbs, flowers, and spices dances together, creating an authentic fusion of tradition and flavor.

This celebration of taste unfolds within Sicily’s oldest distillery, now transformed into a museum of noble craftsmanship.

With an aromatic and light nose, and a soft, sweet/bitter taste, our unique creation is the ideal product to savor fresh, without ice.

It’s perfect after dinner or during moments of relaxation, serving as an excellent digestive to complete your experience.

Weight 1.5 kg

70 cl


32% Vol.


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