Rhum Dolomites Fine Old

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Discover by Gin(e)pro the pinnacle of Caribbean distillation, perfectly crafted in the heart of the majestic Dolomites.

This exceptional rum, aged in authentic oak casks previously used for Pedro Ximénez wines, has earned international acclaim for its exceptional quality.

With notes of leather, tobacco, and dried fruit, it promises a smooth and delicate taste experience.

Explore the world of this pure rum variety, made without sugar or artificial flavors, and savor its timeless allure with chocolate, cigarettes, red vermouth, or chilly honey.


Rhum Dolomites Fine Old

By Zu Plun

Sold exclusively in Luxembourg by Gin(e)pro!

Explore the epitome of Caribbean distillation, perfected in the heart of the majestic Dolomites by Zu Plun.

This is a remarkable success story, not only due to its extraordinary place of origin but primarily because of its exceptional quality.

Rhum Dolomites Fine Old is made from Central American sugar cane juice, the distillation process is discontinuous in copper boilers.

It undergoes 3-4 years of aging in barrels previously used for Spanish fortified wines Pedro Ximénez.

Its numerous international awards attest to its excellence, solidifying its reputation not only regionally but also on the global stage.

Furthermore, the choice of the hoopoe, with its spectacular plumage, as the symbol on the rum label carries symbolic significance.

Just like molasses, this pure rum variety is crafted without sugar or artificial flavors.

Rhum Dolomites Fine Old captivates the senses with rich notes of leather, tobacco, dried fruit, and currants.

On the palate, it offers a smooth and delicate taste, promising an unmatched flavor experience.

With nuances of leather, tobacco, and dried fruit in its aroma and a mild and seductively delicate taste, this rum leaves a strongly persistent aftertaste.

It’s a classic choice to pair with chocolate and cigarettes, but this rum also shines with red vermouth and chilly honey.

Serve it best in a large glass with ice and savor the unparalleled quality of this Caribbean gem.

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50 cl


50% Vol.


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