VOLCANO Etna Dry Gin

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VOLCANO Etna Dry Gin, expertly distilled by VOLCANO, combines the precision of winemaking with botanical artistry.

This elixir presents a floral and fruity character akin to fine wine, with nuances of aromas, acidity, freshness, structure, roundness, persistence, and balance.

Savor it straight or as a digestif, as it balances sweetness and bitterness with broom flower, adds herbal richness with wild fennel, refreshes with bitter orange, and envelops in hazelnut.

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VOLCANO Etna Dry Gin

The first Gin made in Etna

Sold exclusively in Luxembourg by Gin(e)pro!

VOLCANO Etna Dry Gin, expertly distilled by VOLCANO, is a testament to the precision and artistry of fine winemaking.

Our skilled botanists carefully blend each ingredient while preserving their unique character.

This elixir boasts a floral and fruity character that orchestrates a symphony of aromas, acidity, freshness, structure, roundness, persistence, and balance, evoking the nuances found in a bottle of fine wine.

VOLCANO Etna Dry Gin can be enjoyed on its own, making for an excellent digestif, thanks to its captivating sweetness and aroma.

The broom flower introduces a subtle interplay between sweetness and bitterness, while wild fennel imparts aromatic and herbaceous notes, enriching the overall bouquet of aromas and flavors. Bitter orange lends a refreshing touch of acidity, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Finally, hazelnut envelopes these elements, providing a harmonious balance, richness, roundness, and structure.

VOLCANO Etna Dry Gin is also an exquisite and captivating packaging.

The sturdy glass bottle evokes the era of prohibition, reminding us of the scholarly pursuit of drinking pleasure.

The cap, meticulously handcrafted by a local artisan, is crafted from volcanic sand sourced from Mount Etna, symbolically connecting each bottle to this unique land.

The brand is characterized by its understated and refined design, featuring bas-relief patterns inspired by the ever-changing whims of lava.


  • LSC – London Spirit Competition
  • IWSC – International World Spirit Competition
  • Spirito Autoctono
Weight 2.5 kg

70 cl


41% Vol.


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