Volcano Gin

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It covers Etna with a mineral vein which gives it cleanliness and great freshness thanks to the volcanic soil from which it grows and on which it feeds. Hence the need to create a unique product that represents the multiple facets of a rich and enchanting territory.

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Volcano Gin is conceived as a great wine. Precise is the choice of botanists who mix one by one while retaining their personality, acting on the product in an exclusive way, making it unique and precious as what brought it to the source: Etna. Floral and fruity character, aroma, acidity and freshness, structure and roundness, persistence and balance are all elements found in a large bottle. It is believed that Volcano Gin is also drunk alone, as a digestive at the end of a meal where it is appreciated for its sweetness and its fragrance.


The search for elegance is at the heart of the project. In the local concept, Etna is considered to be feminine in nature, to offer a product with soft and non-aggressive characteristics.


The minerality of Etna juniper is exalted both in the mouth and in the nose. Our reference botanist is the broom flower which, from an organoleptic point of view, offers an interesting contrast between sweet and bitter. Wild fennel releases aromatic and herbaceous notes which give vigorous aromas and flavors. Bitter orange gives freshness and acidity for a pleasant drink. The hazelnut embraces all the previous plants giving balance, fat, roundness and structure.


Volcano Gin is a tribute to the extraordinary territory of Etna. For this reason, its packaging wants to be precious and intriguing. The bottle with a powerful glass recalls the unforgettable period of the “prohibition era”, the time when the scholarly quest for good drinking began. The cap, hand-drawn by a local craftsman, is made with volcanic sand from Etna so that a piece of Etna can travel with every bottle of Volcano Gin, wherever it goes, flies or stays. The simple but refined label offers bas-relief games reminiscent of capricious lava designs.

Bottle : 70cl – 41% vol

Awards received

LSC – London Spirit Competition 2022 – Bronze Medal

IWSC – International World Spirit Competition 2022 – Bronze Medal

Spirito Autoctono 2022

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