VULCANICA Sicilian Vodka

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Crafted on the slopes of Sicily’s Mount Etna, this captivating spirit captures the scents of orange blossom and citrus, rekindling forgotten passions.

Experience the essence of Sicilian traditions and values with VULCANICA, a vodka that embodies strength, fire, and purity through meticulous distillation.

Perfectly enjoy its sophisticated sweetness and taste neat with ice or mixed with fruits and herbs.

VULCANICA awakens emotions, engaging your five senses, and promoting inclusivity and nature’s values of diversity, respect, and belonging.

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VULCANICA Sicilian Vodka

Vodka made with anciens cereals

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Discover VULCANICA Vodka – Born on the slopes of Sicilian volcano, this captivating vodka from the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is imbued with bewitching scents of orange blossom and citrus fruit, rekindling forgotten passions.

Sicily, where wild nature merges harmoniously with human life, inspires VULCANICA.

Our vodka draws its name from Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano, dominating the region where ancient cereals are grown for our product.

VULCANICA captures the strength, fire, and purity of the island tradition through a methodical distillation process, delivering an exceptional taste experience.

Our goal is to become the world’s most beloved Italian vodka, embracing Sicilian traditions and values: beauty, nature, art, well-being, and joie de vivre.

VULCANICA strives to preserve endangered traditions, becoming the guardian of ancient culture and identities while innovating the grain industry.

Blended with pure water, VULCANICA offers a sophisticated sweetness and taste, perfect neat with ice or mixed with fruits, herbs, and aromas.

VULCANICA awakens warm emotions, engaging all five senses, embodying inclusivity and nature’s values of diversity, respect, and belonging.

To preserve its quality, store VULCANICA away from light, maintaining a temperature below 20°C.

Weight 2.5 kg

70 cl


40% Vol.


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