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Modern and summery Gin produced by using herbs and botanicals of the Garda Lake which embodies “the true spirit of Garda Lake”.


The whole “Spirit of Lake Garda” is captured in the Yellow Gin.

This modern, sparkling gin is distilled from a somewhat reduced herbal approach compared to the original DolGin, which creates space for concise, fresh flavors: this contemporary, young gin owes its citrus tones to the lemons of the “Limonaia La Garbera”, another spicy nuance to the cypress cones, which form a coherent complement to the typical juniper taste in this gin.

Raw material: basis made of 15 herbs, such as juniper and lemons from Garda Lake

Distillation method: discontinuous, distilled twice, heated in a water bath using a copper still

Alcohol content: 42 Vol%

Content: 0.5 l

Colour-clearness: clearness, clear

Nose: outstanding lemon-like taste, with warm Mediterranean flavours

Palate and finish: mild citrus notes, though not predominant in the spirit, which is discreetly spicy and with the typical Gin aftertaste

Suggestion: cooler and modern Gin, ideal basis for a classical Gin Tonic or Gin Fizz. Summery, unsophisticated and fresh.

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